Refrigeration Anxiety

What's wrong with this picture?
Every time you open your refrigerator or freezer door, it takes more electricity. To keep your door open no more than necessary:

1. Visualize where item is before opening the door.
2. Don't open the door just to browse.
3. Ask person who put it in there where it is, if you think it might be hard to find (not to the point of annoying your family, though!).
4. Take out or put away multiple items at once.
5. Consider not refrigerating non-perishables like soy sauce, mustard, etc.
6. Try to keep things in a usual spot.
7. Use see-through storage containers, or label them.
8. Remove-Extract-Replace. (If you need, say, one egg, take out the carton, remove your egg, then put the carton back, rather than leaving the door open while you fuss with the carton.)

Does it make me weird that I think of these things? How else do you save money on refrigeration?


  1. Art was inspired by your blog post. Upon hearing it, he ran outside and grabbed a large chunk of solid ice and tossed it in the crisper drawer.
    P.S. He followed your steps of visulazation before he opened the door. :)

    Art and Janelle

  2. No, it isn't weird, it's smart! Love the previous comment, ha ha!


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